*Gasp* Yes, I am writing this in English, even though I am a “trotse Afrikaanse meisie” myself. But don’t worry, I’ll be “gooi”-ing quite a few Afrikaans words your way through out this 3-part blog post.

Woordfees has captured the heart of many Afrikaners and birthed a new-found passion for their mother tongue in the beautiful setting of Stellenbosch and its surrounds. It has only been on for a couple of days and already my little brain is having a meltdown, because I cannot decide which shows to watch when (and which I can afford, naturally).

It is a fantastic festival with a great mix of local music, theatrical performances, and an atmosphere where both experienced and aspiring writers can come together to educate, write and inspire each another, and so much more!

As I mentioned before, I will do this in three parts. I will be reviewing two theatrical performances: (1) God van Chaos and (2) Spyt, as well as (3) a historical ghost walk, called Aandwandeling met spoke. Needless to say, I am “BAIE” excited!

There is bound to be something you will enjoy, even if Afrikaans isn’t your first language, and I encourage you to get your tickets booked through Computicket as soon as possible, as they are selling mighty fast.

For an online program visit www.woordfees.co.za 

Part One: Review of God van Chaos and more blogging to follow.


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