It’s fair to say I have been a fan of both Cinemuse and Filmhouse for just over a year now. Together they screen such a delightfully wide range of quality films in the student-drenched town of Stellenbosch, both modern and classic, and in every possible genre imaginable. Filmhouse gives the ordinary, everyday movie-watcher, like you and I, the opportunity to rent some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of our time, which most movie rental stores no longer have available, in order for us to delve into at our own leisure at home.

Cinemuse also have several different locations in and around Stellenbosch where you can view and experience their fantastic taste in in film. I cannot think how any true film lover would not want to be a part of the type of unique enriching cinematic encounter they provide on a regular basis. There is truly something for everyone. For example, towards the end of last Summer, my posse and I went to see the 2011 South African film Skeem at the Guerrilla Drive-In at  Bossman’s Crossing, which formed part of Woordfees 2012 . It only cost us R50 per car and then you can pile as many bodies as you can fit into your chosen vehicle, but I would suggest leaving some space for camping chairs, a couple of blankets for those nippy evenings, and a picnic basket filled to the brim with snacks and wine for the ultimate night at the drive-in.

You simply tune in your car radio to the given frequency and munch on all your goodies while watching a cult classic. What more could one ask for? Their drive-in screenings halt over the Winter months, for obvious reasons, but will be commencing again shortly in September. I can’t wait!

Another great spot is at 5 Ryneveld, where Cinemuse mogul, Pierre  Lombard, takes pride in showcasing some the most definitive films, both old and new, in their little retro upstairs nook. Recently my fiancé and I watched The Godfather I, II & III there for the first time (shocking I know) and, I must say, I especially love the little discussions with Pierre has with the audience after every screening. It really forces you to rethink the film and to learn how to analyse it from beginning to end —  making the whole event so much more memorable.

Then there is also the quaint little Café Art, hidden behind the parking area of Checkers in Stellenbosch. If you haven’t been there yet, do yourself a favour and book for the upcoming screening of  Pretty Woman on Wednesday night, the 29th of August. This rustically renovated venue under a Bedouin tent comes with a fireplace , the theme of classic movies, art and live music. R30pp Includes popcorn and a glass of wine at all movie screenings, and their kitchen can also provide you with one of their delicious bowls of soup if you’re more than peckish.

Stellenbosch’s beautiful Le Bonheur Wine Estate, also do screenings on every last Friday of the month, and you can either do their divine tapas & movie for R125 pp or a glass of wine & movie for just R45 pp. Hmmm, I must still try this one out, so watch this space for a review …

Check out the full program of all venues on the Cinemuse website at and sign up for their newsletter to receive regular updates on upcoming screenings. An excellent initiative and five stamps of approval in my book.

  1. Pierre says:

    Aah Tish, you are the best. Thanks for the positive review! See you soon.

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